Friday, 17 June 2011

On my Mind

Things I am thinking about today: Linked to Rhonda's blog. 

The design of my new garden.
The circles are raised beds using recycled galvanised water tanks, The ones marked with WB means they will be wicking beds.

And will my chook keep laying over winter?  I have 2 old girls who lay about 1 egg a week and 3 young layers. I make sure during winter they have a boost to their protein because if they are replacing feathers , they can't lay eggs unless they have the extra protein. I give this in the form of a large can of dog food twice a week. Last year it worked a treat and I had eggs all through, so I am testing it out again.


  1. Your design looks great! Planning ours too...for 'when we renovate' :) My chooks are still laying but sporadically.

  2. I have ideas for my garden and where different things are going, but I haven't got organised enough yet to measure properly and make a plan. I feel an urge coming on :o)

  3. Hi Deb, the raised garden beds are such a good idea - just got to lay our hands on some old tanks!
    My husband uses occasional tinned cat food to boost protein for his chooks - similar thoughts... works well.