Sunday, 12 June 2011

Alphabet Challenge BBBBBB Part 2.

Here are the rest of the B photographs. Enjoy!

Baby's hand.
Babushka Dolls

Blue Butterfly

Broccoli, my crop this season has been pleasing.

Bee at work

Barn.... from another era at Forcett in Tasmania

Busker... playing the bagpipes on the waterfront in Hobart.

Breast Cancer Survivor and campaigner. Deborah De Williams ran all the way around Australia. It took her 12 months.

Bottles of beautiful preserves

Bowls....for sale at Salamanca Market

Bee.....I was photographing a piece of public art when I spotted this poor bee in the water feature.

Boat... I arrived home at sunset and as I was closing the curtains I saw this rather flash boat tying up at a mooring in the river outside our house. The colour came out rather interestingly... it was sunset as I said.

Bowl......This huge bowl is a water feature at our local plant nursery.

A Battalion of bottles...... taken at Bunnings the hardware store. Bunnings

Bears........I saw these lovelies hidden in the hallway of an aquaintence's house.

Bubbles....I bought my grand-daughter this bubble machine for Christmas and she had a beaut time playing with it.

Blue bottles on a friend's windowsill.

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