Sunday, 12 June 2011

Thanks Chilean Volcano

Flights have been cancelled in and out of my island state due to the ash in the sky from Chile. Now, I must add, I am in Tasmania.  A llloooonnng way from Chile. I was cursing the fact that the sun was blocked out this winter's day, but when it came to the sunset, I was treated to the most beautiful and colourful display.  Ok Chile, all is forgiven. But the sun would be welcome tomorrow if it wants to return.
Taken at Primrose, Tasmania,

This one was taken a few minutes before the one below.

Also today we got the new tanks in situ, I got some of my planting done, Roger got on with the carport and I found a beautiful weed to photograph.

One of two tanks that were delivered on Friday. The other is hiding behind the shed. Thats going to 10,000 litres of recycled water when we hook it up. The old corrugated tanks that we are replacing are going to be my new wicking beds. Will photograph those as work progresses.

Carport,  2 more days work and it will be finished. The green part is our new extention that was build over the summer holidays. Its going to be a multi purpose room, storage, etc.

This fence was put up over Roger's Easter holidays. Today I planted all kinds of bits and pieces that I dug up from my home up north. I used all my old newspapers to lay under the lucerne hay which eventaully got delivered yesterday (instead of the expected Friday). I also put a bag of rotted sheep manure around all the plants before everything went down. The soil here is sand but today I saw the fattest worms that I have ever set eyes on.

A pretty little weed that popped up in the back yard.


  1. Those sunset photos are beautiful

  2. I totally agree about the sunset shots - the colours are sensational.
    Nice big tanks!
    Good start to the garden too. Love it when the worms appear. Bodes well.
    Cheers :D)

  3. What a lovely sunset. Lot's of very serious work going on around your place.

  4. What a gorgeous sunset. I'm still working on the photo bit!!! And very jealous of all your progress.