Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Crayon: Being an early childhood teacher, crayons are one of the tools of my trade.

Cat: My cat Asia loves to sit on my lap and watch TV.

Cricket: This beauty was nabbed on my flyscreen at the beach house.

Chinese Opera Puppet: from my collection of odd dolls.

Conversation: we all enjoy good conversation.

Curves: on an Art Nouveau style perfume bottle.

Cascade: The brewery in Hobart.

Crosses: These are in an outdoor art gallery in Hobart where you have to peek into peepholes in the gate to see the exhibits.

Cart: found in a backyard in Oatlands, Tasmania

Curves, again: Part on an Art Deco statue

Collar: on his jacket that he had made in Tibet.

Crystal vase: from my mother's estate.

Camelia: there isn't one I dont love.

Chooks: I have 5 altogether, I just love watching them.

Cup: I found this collection at an orchard that specialises in heritage apple trees. I bought 8 of them that I will espalier. They are on dwarf rootstock.

Cyclamen: every winter I have several inside my house, but now I have them growing outside as well.

Cecile Brunner Rose: I LOVE these sweet little roses.

Cutlery: I loved the purple ribbon on the bundles when I saw them at the market, in Hobart.

Chandelier: in the town hall in Hobart

Chrysanthemum: An unusual variety. It's a bloom at a flower show at the Hobart town hall.

Chair: I was showing off my new camera to my sister when I spotted this abandoned chair in her backyard. I really love this photo, its one of my favourites.

Cloud: this particular one looked like a face.


  1. Many and varied... just great!
    That cloud is quite something. It fascinates me at times to gaze at the clouds.
    The conversation photo jumped out at me.
    A great collection Deb :D)

  2. Thanks Susan. I love taking the photos and sharing them as much I love looking at other people's beautiful work.

  3. Hope you grabbed the chair! And you can never have enough of the 'sweet heart rose'aka cecil brunner.

  4. Alison, no I didn't grab the chair, I have fair too much stuff already and my ambition over the next couple of years is to pare down my possessions. A photograph is an ideal way of remembering something I like without adding to the clutter.

  5. Beautiful collection of photos. I also love the one of the chair. I was an early childhood teacher for many years and then worked as a special ed teacher for the last 6 yrs of my teaching career.Kate

  6. Kate, I teach kinder/prep at a small country school. Thanks for your comments.