Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Alphabet Challenge.................F

Fish: These are snappers taken at Coral Bay in Western Australia. When I retire, my hope is that some of my protein will come from fish that I will catch down at the beach house.

Fish Fabric: the print on my school painting smock.

Fungi: on the front lawn at school.
Fushias: some of the many I have growing.

They remind me of ballet dancers.
Forestay: up 'forred' on a tall ship

Freckles: These are favourite sweets here in Australia.

Fern Frond: unfurling its way out from under my deck.

Frog: This one serving duty in my friend's garden as a hose reel.

Family of swans: Dad is up ahead, waiting for mum and the kids to catch up.

Fat, furry, feline feet. One of my favourite pictures.

Fog forming off the river at dawn.

Feline: obviously happily sleeping, look at that smile.

Foxgloves: One of my all time favourite plants.

Flour Mill: Now turned into an office block in Hobart.

Fruit: Autumn harvest from Tasmania

Flags: flapping in the breeze at the Lilydale Markets
Fence: an old convict built one at Oatlands and below, a rather unique fence built using recycled crockery.

Feathers, from the ordinary to the flamboyant.

Forgotten: this boat has been on it's side for years. It's in the river not far from my house.


  1. I've been waiting for F and gorgeous again. And pleeeeeeeease where did you get the white foxgloves from? I lost all mine in the year we couldn't water (drought, bore problems etc) and my beds are missing them.

  2. Your photography is stunning. I wish I was half as clever as you.I particularily like the fushias. One of my favourite flowers

  3. Alison: The white foxgloves pop up year after year, they self seed so I don't know where they came from originally. When they flower again I will see if I can collect some seed for you. They grow like mad. I have pink, mauve and did have apricot ones as well but I think they were less robust and got lost along the way.
    Purplepear: If my photography is stunning its by sheer accident as I don't really know what I'm doing. I do like to share what intrigues me in life and I do that through pictures.
    Thanks again for your comments.

  4. I love this theme! I've got an F for you, France! :D You have a wonderful collection of pics there. I'm sure there are Faeries under your Fungi :)

  5. You did F proud Deb :D)
    I recognised the fungi - you had a photo of a closed one in one of your earlier posts, and I'd just been admiring it.
    Fuschias are so dainty aren't they - the varieties you show here are stunning. The Foxgloves are so nice and, yes, I was surprised how they come up each year.
    That beautiful convict built fence could tell a tale or two couldn't it. My eyes pricked up at the crockery fence... ha ha, I'm always coming home with plates from the op shop because I like the pattern on them. Don't think I'll show my hubby this photo though, he might get worried ;-)