Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fill My World With Colour

Being a knitter and former weaver these skeins of coloured wool were inspiring, almost enough to drag out my loom again.

This is one of those kid whirlygig things and as usual I couldn't resist giving it the macro treatment

These colourful scarves caught my eye at Salamanca market as did the rugs below.

Being a teacher, I am in a position to collect weird and wonderful bits and pieces.  These were collected so the children could use them as a sorting activity or as a printing object.  I tipped the out of the floor and played with them for awhile and came up with this.  Find the odd one out?

The pattern on the side of a bowl at the market at Salmanca, in Hobart, Tasmania

I visited a weaving studio and fell in love with the coloured yarns on these shelves. Ohh..... to have time to be crafty again.

These beautifully coloured soaps were also for sale at the market.  All handmade too. Just gorgeous.

Gorgeous and colourful children's toys were also on display at the market. There are a plethora of talented crafts people living in Tasmania.
Many years ago I studied a course called Visual Exploration as part of a handweaving course. This course taught me so much and opened my eyes to the impact that colour makes in our lives. Today's selection of photographs are to celebrate the positive effect that colour has made in my life. I hope you enjoyed them:


  1. Lovely photos. I spent 6yrs Teaching in a Steiner school and that also opened my eyes to the value of colour in our lives. From the very start children are introduced to the colours of the rainbow and they discover through painting ,drawing and craft which colours sit nicely with others, then as they grow more shades of those colours are introduced to them in the same artistic ways.They are surrounded by images of colour that are very reminiscent of your photos.

  2. I am a teacher as well, purplepear. I'm glad my photos touched a memory for you. Thanks for commenting.