Saturday, 11 June 2011

Alphabet Challenge BBBBBB Part 1.

I have loads of photos for B so I will be loading them in 2 lots. Enjoy!

Elwood and Jake Blues taken at the Broadbeach Blues Festival in Queensland, 2010

My bear, Brian, ready for bed with his bear, Camenbert.

Bottle: I have a collection of Art Nouveau style perfume bottles.

Bone: I have a collection of bones for the children at school to sketch.

Bus: This bus is a tourist bus in Hobart and I took my grand-daughter, Zoe on a little tour.

Block: as in block and tackle, on the tall ship Lady Nelson,  

The bell from the same ship,

Bridge: in Richmond Tasmania, convict built in 1825.

Bars:  On the windows in a cell in the old Richmond Gaol.

Butterfly: made with chocolates. Yum!

Blackberries:  This last summer, we had loads of these growing on the fenceline, enough for several jars of jam and loads of pies.

Bottoms: My daughter, Rebecca, made me a beautiful apron for christmas and this was the fabric. All the bottoms are fruits.

Bud: One of mine from my garden. Pretty colour.

Beach: My dear husband, Roger gave me this card for my anniversary. I particularly ove it because one day those two will be us when we move full time into our beach house.

Bracelet: My purple one, I have a red one as well.

Bowl: This bowl was my mothers when I was a little girl and I accidently knocked it off the mantlepiece and in bounced onto the hearth and into the fire.  By this time I was sobbing, thinking that it was broken and that I would be in lots of trouble. But mum fished it out of the fire and it wasn't even chipped. I couldn't believe my eyes and my luck.

The Bald and the Bearded: Yes, people, that's my Roger!

I have a thing about bees so I have lots of photos of them.

Bike: Driving through Perth, Tasmania last Thursday, I saw this bike leaning against the fence. I quickly stopped the car and got out as I had to capture it. I just loved the old fashioned style basket and the pumpkin on the back was eye catching.


  1. I really enjoyed this list of B photos Deb. They're fun. I like how your mind works :D)

  2. Great photos. I especially like the bike. We are part of Transition Towns and would love to see more of these bikes around.