Thursday, 16 June 2011

Alphabet Challenge DDDDDDDDD

Dolphin:  In September last year, I left my dear Roger at home and went backpacking. During my journey to Western Australia, I went to Monkey Mia, where the dolphins come in each morning for a small feed. This is just one of the many that came in.

Devil: This is a Tasmanian Devil and they are the garbage collecters of the bush. They are carnivorous and their name comes from the sound they make as the early white inhabitants of Tasmania thought they sounded like the devil. Unfortunately they are now on the endangered list as many are dying from a facial tumour disease that is passed from one to another during feeding as they bite each other in their frenzy to get food. They have the strongest jaws of any animal their size.  

Dahlias:  By now I guess you have figured out that I love flowers. I have oodles of dahlias in the garden in February and March.

Dolls: Guatamalan worry dolls listen to my worries and that's why I'm such a happy and carefree person.(;-})

Detail: Sometimes the beautiful things are in the detail I have found.

Diamonds: even on a fence.

Dawn: on the bay where my beach house is.

Daisies: always make me feel happy

Delphiniums: Seem to grow easily for me.

Dots: These dotty knitting needles caught my eye when I was last at Salamanca market in Hobart.

Drops, of water on my broccoli look like jewels.

Duck: One of our handsome friends that came to entertain my class.

Dogs: I don't own dogs yet but I do love other people's. These two had taken their owner to a protest rally that I attended.

Dirty words: One of the banners at the protest rally to try and stop a pulp mill from being built in our beautiful river valley.

Doer Upperer: or dump, take your pick. I found this on the road to Devonport when I was driving to visit my daugher, SIL and grand-daughters.

Dusk: these trees are at my brother in law's vineyard.


  1. It's funny how some plants just grow for you. The delphiniums love me but the lavender doesn't...perhaps it's over watering?

  2. - and D for Delight... which is what I feel when reading through your lists Deb (might sound corny but its true!).
    I like the Detail pic esp. In lots of old buildings, businesses etc., it never ceases to amaze me the little details that can be found :D)

  3. Alison: I find my lavender thrives on neglect.
    Susan: mmmm Delight, I like that,

    Thanks both of you for your lovely comments, I appreciate that you take time to look and and comment.

  4. Great pictures Deb. I love these king of photographic challenges - they really concentrate the mind and I learned so much from them. I loved the Dolphin - they are a great interest in our house right now. xx

  5. That bay looks so beautiful. I love the detail photos - so often we miss things like this because we're too busy to just slow down and enjoy our surroundings.