Thursday, 9 June 2011

Not One Of Her Finest Moments

I awoke and found this yacht washed ashore on the opposite side of the bay. It was the victim of some rough weather. Two days later she was laying in the sand.

I looked out and saw an excavator on the beach. I had to go and see what was happening. They had begun digging the yacht out of the sand to get her more upright.

People came out of their homes to help dig her out.

By the end of the day they had the Windhover in a more upright position, but alas there was a hole in her side.  The word is that they are waiting for someone to put on a temporary patch and then she will be towed to the slips for a more permanent mending.


  1. A really interesting post Deb - together with great photos.
    How unfortunate for the poor yachtie though. Still, there was a lot of help on hand.

  2. Susan, Thanks for your comments. I read your other one but accidently deleted it before I published it. Thats what happens when you have dyslexic fingers using an iphone to do your computer stuff. I'm terribly sorry.