Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Winter Wednesday

This is linked in with HAZEL's Winter Wednesday

  What I love about Winter

The days are still creating wonderful reflections on the river, this is the view from my lounge room window at home.

Hardenbergia in flower climbing over my balcony.

My bed, I have a lovely woollen doona that only get used in winter and its so snug and warm and feels wonderful.

Snuggling down to read a book you've been hanging to read.


  1. grr can't get over to hazels - blogger be naughty to me !
    But love the hardenbergia's - they are just tough but dainty !
    Much inspired, like your scenery these lovely winter days - I can almost guess where you are on the river ;)

  2. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. My hardenbergia's white and purple are just beginning to go mad with flowering. The blooms last for quite awhile as well.

  3. I mentioned Hardenbergia today too! Mine hasn't flowered yet though, just in bud :)

  4. Hearts in Asia: I saw yours as well, mines not fully opened yet I just found the odd one that was to photograph. They are lovely aren't they.