Thursday, 2 June 2011

This is on my mind ::::: An Interest in Architecture - a Journey in Photography

Recently I was in Hobart and I was bowled over by the variety of interesting buildings that are there.  I decided to do some snooping about and had a look inside some of them. Here are a small selection of what I found:

A university building near the domain

The beautiful Bahai Temple and below is the ceiling inside.

I am not sure what this building is but its directly behind the Bahai Centre and perhaps its a residence for visiting presenters.

Not sure what this one is but I just liked the stonework and the lovely windows.

This old mill is now an office block.

This is the ceiling inside the Hobart Town Hall and below is the staircase.

Opposite the Town Hall is the Mercury Newspaper building and I loved this gate outside it.

A modern block of apartments which is quite close to the waterfront.

Another building owned by the university in the city centre.

This photo depicts several different types and eras of architecture in Hobart. The tall building in the background is the Grand Chancellor Hotel opposite the waterfront, the copper building and the blue building are the Federation Concert Building, the old building to the left is the old GasWorks and the one on the right is the Old Woolstore which is now a hotel.

Last but not least is a the Cascade Brewery built in 1824 and is still in operation.

This is part of Rhonda's "This is on my mind" Friday feature:


  1. A lovely set of photographs. That University building is so unusual. Reminiscent of Gaudi I think.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photo's - I love old buildings.
    Becky in South Carolina

  3. Wow, that's a great photo journey around Hobart bluezbandit. There are some amazing old buildings but even the new apartment building on the waterfront seems sympathetic to the environment.

  4. Denise: So glad you thought it looked like a Gaudi building, I thought so too.

    Becky: thanks for dropping by from South Carolina.

    Rose: Thanks Rose, I do love the character of all the buildings tnhat I have photographed.

    To all of you: please drop by again. I appreciate your comments

  5. Hi Deb! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my muffins.

    I love your photos. You're very talented!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  6. Great photo journal. That must be a very interesting city!

  7. Anne: Thanks for the compliment. I am just learning photography so if the pics are OK its by sheer accident.

    Julia: Hobart is a small city, with about 220,000 people. It has half the population of our entire state. Its a beautiful little city and yes, quite interesting.

  8. Oh lovely, I haven't been to Hobart for over 20 years and i love the old architecture. Thanks for the photo tour :).