Monday, 13 June 2011

Views While I Cruise.......

...............home from Primrose Beach, where I have been getting my holiday house ready for permanent occupation in a year or two when I am ready to move there. This is what I spotted.
The boat houses at Primrose.

Carlton River

Reflections on the Carlton

The Ben with a sprinkling of snow as the sun was reflecting from the west, this is the eastern sky behind the mountain.

Just north of Campbelltown the mist was laying in the fields as the sun was disappearing.

Another couple of misty shots.

Home next to the Tamar River.


  1. Hi Deb - so good to meet you from the Summery(?) Western Isles to Wintery Tasmania. I often wonder if it is ever really winter there, but I see from your glorious pink sunsets and bare trees that it is. Your pictures are stunning. xx

  2. Well yes, Jacqui, we do have a winter. Certainly NOT like yours. That's why I was enthralled by your deep snow pics and icicles. It's a novelty to get it anywhere other than the mountains here in Tassy, but it has been known to snow on Christmas day here in Tassy in the middle of summer. A bit fickle you might say. Make life interesting.