Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Challenge Day 1 Letter A A A A A A A A A


Alpacas on Parliament House lawns, Hobart, Tasmania, something I was not expecting to see there.

At Salamanca in Hobart is a hidden Art Gallery where you wander up a cobblestone lane and get to a gate with peep holes in it. This is the view of some ART through a peephole.

Arch of nature on the coast at Kalbarri in Western Australia.

Another arch, this time in the Richmond bridge, Tasmania, with the old church in the background.

Artichokes in the gardens at the Callington Mill, Oatlands, Tas

Alarm system sign..... I thought it was funny having it it on a pile of firewood.

Asia.......my cat.

Aquillegia or granny's bonnet in my garden.

Apple for the teacher...one of my students brought it in for me and it was enormous. I cut it and the whole class shared eating it.

Apples again.... Tasmania is called the Apple Isle because of all the orchards here. Down near Hobart several of the apples end up for sale at the markets.


Apple juicer..... this wonderful old wooden juicer was at an apple fair that I attended in April.. The juice was delicious.

Aeroplane......I see these flying overhead, wondering where they are off too.

Air Vents under the eaves at the Bahai Temple in Hobart. Rather ornate, me thinks.

Alligator.... from the USA but kept at a crocodile farm in Broome, Western Australia.

Angel fish.......I saw them when I went snorkelling at Coral Bay, Western Australia.

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  1. Hi Deb, I saw your site on my stats and followed you over here. Love your blog! We've spent time in Tassie and have fond memories.
    Am a bit short on time just now, but I'll come back for another visit am keen to see your other photos.
    Cheers for now, Susan :D)